February 2014

February 2014

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Cities have always been at the intersection of commerce, creativity, and change – luring more potential urbanites each year. By 2040, over three-fourths of the world’s population will be dwelling in these metropolitan meccas. This ever-expanding urbanized lifestyle impacts everything from public health, transportation, open space design, social infrastructure, and the shopping.

At Integer, we’re always looking to better understand the urban shopping experience. How mobile technology impacts purchase. Innovative uses of small retail spaces. We are also city dwellers. We hail taxis. Dodge pigeons. So we offer not just the latest global urban shopper trends, but a unique city perspective as well.

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A Bigger Reach For Bitcoin

Essentially, Bitcoin is virtual currency used for online payments. The way these coins are designed makes them extremely hard to counterfeit and trace back to the owner. Gradually, more and more e-stores are jumping on the Bitcoin bandwagon and even some brick & mortar stores. One in particular is Oxford Kitchen. Located in Brooklyn, the restaurant recently added Bitcoin to their accepted-payment list. “I thought it was kind of a novel idea,” manager Dan Lee commented. Apparently, customers do too. Now, five checks a day are paid in Bitcoin. So what’s the advantage of accepting and using Bitcoin? For retailers, the transaction fee is lower than credit cards. And for consumers, they have more security since their personal information isn’t attached to the purchase with this new form of virtual currency.

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In Aisle With iBeacon

Recently, Apple rolled out its latest tool, iBeacon. Think: GPS for indoors. On the real world end of the spectrum, iBeacon can work with an app to help you find your car when you forget where you left it in the parking garage. Though iBeacon’s wheelhouse is how it works at retail. Since it can track your whereabouts in-store, brands can take advantage of reaching shoppers right at the pivotal point of comparison and selection at shelf. They can alert shoppers to special savings and offers as they pass by certain products. iBeacon can even work with loyalty programs and offer recommendations customized to shopper’s personal tastes. This technology is also working on other e-bells and whistles, like offering informative video content on the latest tech gadgets a shopper might be interested in. Plus, it can virtually show how an outfit would look on a shopper. All of this proves how iBeacon is helping mobile further bridge the gap between brand marketing at brick & mortar.

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Amazon Anticipates Your Order

The e-giant that offers everything from a 20 lb bag of chicken feed to the complete works of Plato is now adding a new feather to its cap – anticipatory shipping. This newly patented process basically revamps the ordering system. Currently, when a shopper places an order, Amazon searches the warehouse to find the product. Then Amazon sends the order out for delivery. The new, more proactive approach will have products being sent to distribution hubs before the order is even placed. Then, once a shopper clicks to order, they will receive their package in way less time. This method is only made possible because of the amount of data about shopping habits that Amazon has on every man, woman, child, and chicken.

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Download More Fashion Sense



Even the most savvy urban fashionista could use extra help finding fashion finds. Here are our top four app picks that help make the shopper journey easier by harnessing the power of location awareness and push notifications.

#1: NYC Sample Sales (by V stock LLC)

As you go about your day, this handy app will alert you if you’re within one mile of a sample sale. The latest version now links to Twitter.

#2: Snapette (by Snapette Inc.)

Find out what’s hot, wearable & discounted via push notifications as you approach stores. The community aspect also helps you keep up with global trends.

#3: Gilt City (by Gilt Groupe)

The iPhone “near me” option allows this app to alert Gilt members to not just fashion discounts, but to savings at spas, salons, restaurants, events, and more.

#4: Svpply (by Svpply Inc.)

Svpply offers up over 5,000 new fashion recommendations you can find in NYC. Its intuitive design makes it easy to use and not lose a step while window shopping.

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For more urban trends & insights, check out next month’s issue.

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