June 2014

June 2014

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Summer and the city never mix too well.  With the unbearable heat and no beach or pool immediately in sight, urbanites are forced to seek refuge in air-conditioned stores. Increased foot traffic offers a welcome addition to these stores. But keeping shoppers from heading to other cooler venues can pose a problem. Which is why retailers are further embracing the digital world to keep the shopping experience seamless with virtual dressing rooms and mobile checkout. Stores are also trying to set themselves apart through experiential offerings by adding amenities that shoppers would seek elsewhere for like coffee or snacks. With countless stores and the heat on the rise, the Urbanist will have a very productive season.

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Fitbay is out to downsize fitting rooms

It never fails. You find the perfect, must-wear outfit. That is before you try it on. Of course, once you see how it plays out in the mirror, you immediately throw it back on the rack. Fitbay.com is out to eliminate this unnecessary sizing stress with its social network. The site is designed to connect with people with similar height, weight, and body type. The goal is for users to share information about which types of clothes fit them best. Brands, too, are helping Fitbay members by offering up all types of fashion options. Over two million stores have already signed on. Ultimately, Fitbay hopes its site will give consumers the confidence they need to make a purchase online and avoid waiting in line for the department store fitting room.

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Search Engine Looking To Lead Same Day Delivery

Google has officially jumped into the same-day delivery arena. The search engine is the latest e-giant to join eBay and Amazon. Originally, it had launched a beta version of their service over a year ago. Now, Google Shopping Express is ready to roll out in parts of NYC, L.A. and San Francisco. Its delivery service will offer goods from top retailers that include Whole Foods, Staples, Walgreens, and Costco. To incentivize use of their trial service, Google will be offering $10 off a shopper’s first order and no delivery charge for six months. In an attempt to capture the lion’s share of this growing trend, Google intends to make its service as seamless as possible by allowing Google Wallet as a payment option.

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Instagram A Hot Meal

First you could ‘Like,’ then Tweet. Now using Instagram will get you a free meal. Leveraging  people’s passion for uploading food pics to Instagram, The Picture House is being launched as the first pay-by-picture restaurant. This pop-up restaurant will be making stops in London, Manchester, and Leeds. The menu will feature an array of culinary creations from BirdsEye. All diners have to do is snap a pic and use the #BirdsEyeInspirations hashtag, and the meal is on the house. Picture House is just one of many brands and businesses that are using the model of offering goods and services in exchange for social currency.

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