December 2014

December 2014



A Crisp, New Feel for Fall Retail


From the lack of trees, it might be hard to tell, but the fall season definitely leaves its mark on cities. Not just the coming of cool weather, but the change in the mindset of the shopper. The days of skipping out of the city for relaxing summer weekends have come to a close. Urbanites are now back in the full swing of city life. Which is why businesses appropriately use this time to do the big breakout launches of their new offerings — from fashion to technology to back-to-school supplies. With the sudden flood of these new products, brands have an even greater challenge at retail — convincing shoppers what sets their product apart from the competition. Of course, with limited urban space to communicate this message, brands rely more and more on unorthodox approaches in the digital and real worlds to get their messages in front of shoppers. Unique approaches that are sure to have consumers talking and the Urbanist taking note and ready to report on.

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Product Positioning With Style

The brand from the land down under Ugg Australia has now created a digitally enhanced version of its retail store in our nation’s capital. The Washington, D.C., store offers a slew of digital features to enhance the in-store experience, like four 65-inch touchscreens with access to all sorts of free content like style tips, videos, and complementary fashion-accessory suggestions. Shoppers can also use the Ugg By You program to design their own boots and Bling It On to add their own Swarovski crystal designs. Each sales representative is also fully equipped with an iPad to help shoppers check out on the spot and to answer any questions. Together, all of these features help the Ugg brand engage shoppers by further bridging the gap between digital and brick and mortar. A mantra that other brands have been adopting as well.


The Gift Of Instant Savings

Start-up company is looking to change how people save at retail. Founded in 2013, the company received 18.1 million in investment dollars to create an online marketplace where people can buy and sell gift cards. The benefit of is that it offers people a chance to get cash for store gift cards they won’t use. While shoppers of those stores benefit by getting gift cards—at a discounted price—that they can buy online or right in that store with their mobile app. Which ultimately, is great for retailers, because it can incentivize a bigger in-store purchase.


Brick & Mortar Accessing More Digital

50% of all sales at stores can be credited to digital. That’s the staggering stat from the 2014 Omnichannel Retail Report. The findings are based on the efforts 100 brands took to drive potential shoppers in store. When surveyed, 31% of all retailers said their brick & mortar sales can be attributed to shoppers ordering online and then picking up their orders in-store. While 21% of retailers feel it’s due to online promoting of in-store sales. Perhaps the most surprising number deals with seamlessly integrating these digital opportunities at retail. The survey found that 40% of retailers’ biggest issue was employees lacking the understanding of how best to integrate digital in-store. A number that proves the growing trend of companies collaborating with shopper marketing and retail agencies to strengthen digital innovation in-store.





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