Nov 2015

Nov 2015




Back To What’s New This Fall


Fall is all about what’s hot and new. It has become the ultimate showcase. Designers unveil the latest looks. Technology spotlights updated must-have gadgets for school and retail. TV networks offer their new fall lineup. With all this newness, a sea of sameness starts to appear, especially when it comes to advertising. This leaves marketers constantly looking for unique ways to break through the clutter without overloading the intended target. At retail, this is even more evident. Digital has weaved its way into the mix, offering not just eye-catching messaging, but also content that’s of value to shoppers. No matter who does what to win at shelf, this season is sure to be an interesting race we can’t wait to watch and report on.

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A Healthy Dose Of Loyalty

These days, it’s pretty much impossible to walk into any retail store and not be asked to join their loyalty program. The overflow of loyalty cards, points, emails and more is causing shoppers to become less enthused about joining multiple programs. This growing problem has forced retailers to look out of the box, delivering a program with more of an end benefit to the shopper. Walgreens drugstores are leading this trend by offering a new loyalty program that is all about wellness. Shoppers actually receive points for living healthy lifestyles. To do this, Walgreens has teamed up with Alegeus Technologies and Hat Trick Motion to provide shoppers with a wearable device that actually tracks their physical activity, food purchases, and offers a way to upload their data in-store. Get in your daily exercise and gain points. Buy something healthy and gain points. Buy something unhealthy and you actually lose points. By creating an accountability reward program, Walgreens is hoping to incentivize engagement and store loyalty by demonstrating their commitment to helping shoppers maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Quicker To Go


Starbucks has debuted a new nationwide feature on their wildly popular app that will make grabbing your venti white mocha, half-caf, skim milk, extra foam, piping hot latte a breeze. To place an order, consumers just download the app, craft their custom coffee creation, and pay using their saved credit information. Once the order is placed, the consumer chosen store will send an alert, via the app, when the caffeine fix will be ready for pick up. This feature not only offers on-the-go convenience for the customer, but also helps to decrease store crowding, which gifts guests who prefer to sip their beverage inside the store with a bit more peace and quiet while reading or even doing work on their laptop. While this convenient innovation scores a win with customers in the short run, in the long run it could hurt the image of the Starbuck—by removing that personalized barista experience. Only time will tell how grande an affect this new status quo has with the chain.


Monetizing In A Snap
Snapchat is a bit of an enigma in that it has been extremely successful in connecting with the Millennial target but has struggled to capitalize on its wildly growing popularity—that is until now. The signature selfie app is now retooling its lens feature to work closer with brands. For instance, a company like Marvel can help promote an upcoming movie like Iron Man 4 by offering exclusive Iron Man graphics that Snapchat members can use while snapping videos or pics. The friends that receive these pics from their Snapchat buddies will also be sent an accompanying link to the movie trailer. Even a brand like Hershey can benefit by offering a sweet new Valentine’s Day graphics and a possible link for a coupon off their chocolate. Aside from working with brands, Snapchat is also offering the opportunity for consumers to make in-app purchases to replay expired snaps or to get special animated filters. Regardless of the options they choose, Snapchat has the potential to become a true Millennial money-maker.





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